The professional staff of QTime

QTime is a trendy hair salon right in the centre of Helsinki. The salon was founded in 2012 by three Sassoon professionals who had a vision to fulfill their life long dream of owning a hair salon. The staff of the Qtime is constantly educating themselves to be able to provide up-to-date quality hair styling for their customers.

The Sassoon philosophy is all about finding the perfect combination of precise cutting and colouring that is uniquely designed for you. We focus on creating a complete look that is effortless to wear and that highlights your features!

Our friendly, cheerful and welcoming staff is the reason our customers keep coming back to us. The massaging chairs, professional sound system and the purest tea selection gives you a deep feeling of relaxation and a hint of luxury for your visit.

We are sure you will find your own hair designer from Qtime. We welcome you to our salon!


Hair Salon Helsinki - Qtime Hair Design

The time I spend on doing my hair has decreased. Sometimes just a blow dry without any products is enough for the hair cut to look good. I have found a hair designer I will not change!

-Outi Pekkala


Maarit Vuorenniemi

Hair Designer

Make-Up Artist

Salon Assistant

A humorous and ambitious Maarit graduated as a hair designer and a makeup-artist in the spring 2019 in Helsinki. She enjoys working with people. Wanting to work closely with the customers is one of the reasons for her to change her profession from working as a cook to working as a hair designer. She has a passion for creating hairdos and make-ups for both day and evening occations. Colouring and highlights are also the kind of services that are close to her heart. Maarit would love to serve you in Finnish, English and Russian.

IG: @maarithairstyling


Hair Designer

Wether it is doing hair, painting or designing clothes, creative and ambitios Kiki knows how to do it. A Nurmijärvi born Kiki is like a ray of sunshine and she draws her inspiration from the beauty of the nature. She has the courage to tell to a customer how to bring out their best features. Kiki has a modest plan for her future. She wants to provide help to people who struggle with their hair and make a revolution for the whole hair industry.

IG: @hair_rebels

Jopo Simeon

Hair Designer

Jopo is a laid-back but determined professional when it comes to hair. This hair designers strength is in customer service and making sure customers leave with their dream hair. Jopo is creative and professional in the way of using colours – both as a hair designer and as a make-up artist. Jopo is also teaching in make-up academy Maker and can also be spotted in the clubs of Helsinki working as a DJ. Having the passion for music this multitalent spends the spare time in the clubs or at home enjoying music.

IG: @saboreko

Ronja Tiittanen

Advanced Hair Designer

Ronja graduated in 2017 and working as hair designer is the profession of her dreams. When it comes to hair cuts she is passionate and has a strong and confident touch. She wants to educate herself continuously and develop her skills in the hair industry. She is always ready to learn more! She feels motivated by her coworkers and the atmosphere of the Qtime.

IG: @ronjatiittanen


Advanced Hair Designer

Oulu born Disa has gratuated as a hair designer in 2013. She is well-known for her spectacular skills of working with curly hair and she enjoys creating soft and pastelly toned hair colourings. Hairdos are also a passion of hers. Disa has an open and colorful character and her goal is to help the customer to connect their outer and inner beauty. Disa would also love to serve you in English.

IG: @hairsistadisa

Linda Rosendal

Advanced Hair Designer – on a maternity leave

Calm, sweet and easy-going Linda has graduated as a hair designer in 2002. She has an ability to perform a high quality cuts and she is known especially for her skills in bob cuts. At the moment she is working part time in Qtime. Linda would also love to serve in English.

Nina Helin

Top Hair Designer

Nina is creative and spicy persona who is always up for big makeovers. She is a bold user of colours and isn’t afraid to make a change. Using colours is a passion of hers. She graduated from Hair Club Esa Kokko school and has been working in the industry from 2009. Among other things she has worked as a Salon Manager and has taken Sassoon ABC courses.

IG: @ninja_hair

Sini Ropponen

Top Hair Designer - At the moment the booking for Sini is not open for new customers

Confident and reliable are adjectives that describe Sini. She is one of the first hair dressers of Qtime and has gratuated in the year 2007. She has fulfilled her dreams in working in Lapland and Asia and has also worked as a Wella educator. Sini is a precise with her work and loves challenging cuts and colourings for short and medium length hair. She has a great overall vision for the clients looks. Sini would also love to serve you in English.


Top Hair Designer

Emmi is a real professional of the overall style of the customer. She gratuated as a hair designer in 2010 and has worked as an entrepreneur at Sassoon hair salons ever since. Emmi is a well-known stylist and make-up artist who is also skilled in hairdos. This positive Oulu born hair designer always makes sure her work and results are neat.

IG: @hairemmi

Sanni Wallén

Top Hair Designer

Sanni is a creative and talented beauty professional. She has been working in the industry since 2002 and has take numerous Sassoon courses, has studied to become an educator and graduated as a Beauty Colors color consultant. Now Sanni is a proud owner of QTime alongside Ninni. Her core values are positive atmosphere, communication with the client and witnessing the succesful results. Cutting hair is like a meditation for her.

IG: @sanniwallen

Kati W

Top Hair Designer

Kati enjoys her life to the fullest. Her energy and happiness shines through. This mother of three has been in the industry for sixteen years and has experienced a lot. To mention a few of her archievements she has worked as a make-up artist in tv-production and as a leading educator for Sebastian. Apart from working part time at QTime her calender is filled with modelling gigs and excersising. Kati would also love to serve in English.

IG: @bykatiw

Anna Vuoristo

Top Hair Designer 

Anna is known to be a hair designer who is great at communicating with the customer. She listens and suggests suitable options for the cuts, colours and styling. She is a talented colourista with passion and she definitely knows how to tackle the possible hair related challenges. Anna graduated in 2007 as a hair designer in Turku. She is also a graduated make-up artist and has worked as an educator. Anna would also love to serve you in English.


Ninni Mäki-Tuuri

Top Hair Designer – on a maternity leave

Ninni is the other owner of QTime alongside Sanni. She is brave, supportive and challenge-loving person. Ninni has worked in the industry since 2002 and has grown her experience by taking Sassoon courses and by studying herself as a Beauty Colors color consultant. Precise color choises and the well-fitting cuts are the cornerstones of her work. And last but not least Ninni also does plant based coloring!

IG: @niinamikatuuri


Advanced Hair Designer

The diligent Eddie graduated in 2014. This artistic and stylish Hair Designer follows and picks inspiration from fashion houses like Irish Van Harpen and Alexander McQueen. His other source for both inspiration and relaxation is the nature and the colors of the seasons are the inspiration behind the juicy and rich hair colors. When it comes to cutting the hair Eddie is skilled and versatile professional. Eddie would like to also serve you in Russian.

The staff members of the QTime are talented professionals. I value their creativity and their ability to take care of their customers in a way that I would never let anyone else to do my hair again!

-Hannaliisa Apajalahti-Freitag